Journées de la
Diffusion Neutronique
Erquy, October 9-12, 2023 English version  Version française 
Soft Matter
Condensed Matter
Biology & Environment
Special session
Compact Sources
March 31, 2023
Application to the SFN PhD award

July 13, 2023
Abstracts submission

September 8, 2023
Conference registration

Affiche des JDN2023

Program and book of abstracts

Program of JDN2023 Booklet of JDN2023

Invited speakers
  • Soft Matter Sesion
    Natalie Malikova, PHENIX, Paris (Plenary)
    Diane Rebiscoul, ICSM, Marcoule (Keynote)
  • Condensed Matter Session
    Jacky Even, INSA, Rennes (Plenary)
    Claire Villevieille, LEPMI, Grenoble (Keynote)
  • Magnetism Session
    Françoise Damay, LLB, Saclay (Plenary)
    Victor Baledent, LPS, Orsay (Keynote)
  • Biology & Environment Session
    Philippe Oger, INSA, Lyon (Plenary)
    Martin Weik, IBS, Grenoble (Keynote)
  • Instrumentation Session
    Alessandro Tengattini, ILL Grenoble
    Stanislav Savvin, ILL Grenoble
    Peter Falus, ILL Grenoble
    Frédéric Bourdarot, ILL Grenoble
Compact Sources Session
  • Speakers
    Frédéric Ott, LLB Saclay
    Mariano-Andrés Paulin, LLB Saclay
    Xavier Fabrèges, LLB Saclay
    Quentin Faure, LLB Saclay
    Marie Plazanet, LIPhy Grenoble
    Félix Fernandez-Alonso, UPV/EHU Donostia - San Sebastian
Additional sessions
  • SFN PhD award
    President of the jury 2023: Virginie Simonet, Institut Néel, Grenoble (Plenary)
    Winner of the thesis prize: will be announced during the JDN

  • News from neutron centers and from neutron associations
    Helmut Schober, ESS
    Jacques Jestin, ILL
    Arnaud Desmedt, LLB
    Marie Plazanet, 2FDN
    Natalie Malikova, ENSA
    Pascale Launois, SFN
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