Journées de la
Diffusion Neutronique
Saint-Martin-de-Londres, September 16-19 2019 English version  Version française 
Soft Matter
& Biology

Condensed Matter
& Magnetism

March 10th, 2019

SFN PhD Award application

June 20th, 2019

Abstract submission
(oral and poster)

July 15th, 2019

Conference registration
Conference poster

Affiche des JDN2019

Abstract submission
Abstract submission deadline : June 15th, 2019

To submit your abstract, please use the template provided here lastname_firstname.docx changing the "last name" and "first name" fields as needed.

Please send your abstract (in English) to
Do not forget to specify whether your abstract is for an oral or a poster presentation, and in which session you wish to submit it (Soft Matter, Condensed Matter, Magnetism, Biology & Environmment, Instrumentation).
The poster format will be given shortly. It will be possible to quickly present your poster before the session using a clip (one slide per poster, two minutes maximum).
Each topical session will be opened by an invited talk of 45min. Oral communications of 20min (15min + 5min for questions) will follow afterwards. Please note that all the talks will be in English.
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