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ESS Workshop
The workshop Diffraction @ ESS will take place during the "French Annual Neutron Scattering Meeting (JDNs)" 2022 where we expect to bring together a diverse group of young and expert scientists that will be the future generation of users on the European Spallation Source.

In particular, neutron diffraction represents the first essential technique for the characterization and study of bulk materials. On the future ESS source (and as on already existing spallation sources: ISIS or SNS), time-of-flight neutron diffraction relies on very different data acquisition, reduction and analysis methods from those used on continuous flux reactors.
Our program involves 5 sessions: 1) Specific aspects TOF neutron diffraction, 2) Neutron diffraction at ESS: instruments, acquisition method and data format 3) TOF diffraction data reduction and 4) TOF diffraction data analysis and 5) a poster session for exchange and interaction, gathering world-class instrument scientists.

  • Session 1: Specific aspects of TOF neutron diffraction (Nov. 16th)

    • 9h-9h35: Dr. Alexandra Gibbs (Instrument scientist HRPD @ ISIS)
      Powder TOF Diffraction (Title TBA).
    • 9h35-10h10: Dr. Silvia Capelli (Instrument scientist SXD @ ISIS)
      « Theory of the process and some examples from the science done on SXD
      (and maybe WISH) at ISIS »
  • 10h10-10h40: Coffee Break/ Poster session
  • Session 2: Neutron diffraction at ESS: instruments, acquisition method and data format

    • 10h40-11h00: Pr. Helmut Schober (Director General, ESS)
      ESS Diffraction Instruments (Title TBA).
    • 11h00-11h45: Dr. Mikhail Feygenson (Lead Scientist DREAM @ ESS, ESS)
      (Un)-polarized TOF powder diffraction on DREAM (Title TBA).
    • 11h45-12h30: Dr. Xavier Fabrèges (Lead scientist MAGIG @ ESS, LLB)
      « MAGiC: Polarized neutron diffraction at the ESS »

  • Session 3: TOF diffraction data reduction (Nov. 17th)

    • 9h00-9h45: Dr. Pascal Manuel (Instrument Scientist WISH@ ISIS)
      TOF data reduction with Mantid (Title TBA).
    • 9h45-10h30: Dr. Simon Heybrock (Software Scientist, ESS)
      « TOF data reduction using Scipp: Fast and flexible handling of event-mode data
      for time-resolved experiments »
  • 10h30-11h00: Coffee Break/ Poster session
  • Session 4: TOF diffraction data analysis

    • 11h00-11h45: Dr. Iurii Kibalin (Postdoctoral fellow, LLB)
      « The CrysPy library for the analysis of time-of-flight polarized neutron diffraction data »
    • 11h45-12h30: Dr. Andrew Sazonov (Scientific Lead Developer for Diffraction, ESS)
      « EasyDiffraction, a new software for neutron diffraction data analysis »

Palm This workshop is supported by a public grant from the "Laboratoire d'Excellence Physics Atoms Light Mater" (LabEx PALM) overseen by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the "Investissements d'Avenir" program (reference: ANR-10-LABX-0039-PALM).

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