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Optical and neutron spectroscopy meeting
Spectroscopy is used daily by a wide range of scientists from physicists to chemists, biologists and engineers, in both fundamental and applied research fields. The Optical and Neutron Spectroscopy Group (SON) is an emanation of the physico-chemical community using radiation from photon to neutron, in order to access relaxations and excitations encountered in matter over a "sub-electronic" energy range.
This special SON-JDN session concerns all the subjects for which optical and/or neutron spectroscopies are relevant: materials, nanoscience, chemometrics, environment, supramolecular, electrochemistry, magnetism, etc... Its interests are also focused on instrumentation and its developments in optics, neutronics, as well as on numerical treatment of the signals.

This session will welcome invited talks and a series of oral communications. A poster session will also take place. The invited speakers are:
  • Marie Plazanet (LiPhy - Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
    Surfactant-free microemulsions : how molecular dynamic reflects nano-structuration
  • Stéphane Coussan (Laboratoire PIIM - Marseille)
    Spectroscopy of cryo-matrices - TBA
  • Bernard Hehlen (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb - Montpellier)
    Low-frequency lattice dynamics in lead halide hybrid perovskites
  • Quentin Faure (ESRF - Grenoble)
    Resonant Inelastic X-rays Scattering: an emergent technique to probe spin-dynamics (and beyond) in quantum materials
This session is organized with the help and financial support of the Division de Chimie Physique (DCP), part of the French Chemical Society (SCF), as well as with the support of the Groupe Français de Spectroscopie vibrationnelle (GFSV).

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